Tudor Britain Quiz
Question Number 1
The Tudor period was about?
A. 200 years ago
B. 450 years ago
C. 500 year ago
Question Number 2
What lasted from 1485-1603
A. The war
B. The Vikings
C. The Tudor period
Question Number 3
Who was the first Tudor king?
A. Richard lll
B. Henry vIII
C. Arthur
Question Number 4
What was the name of the last king ?
A. Richard III
B. Richard II
C. Richard I'VE
Question Number 5
What was the name of the battle?
A. Boswell field
B. Bosworth field
C. Bosworth grand field
Question Number 6
Who was Henry vII SON?
A. Henry vIII
B. Richard II
C. Henry
Question Number 7
How old was Henry vIII when he became king?
A. 15
B. 17
C. 21
Question Number 8
He was tall,handsome and......
A. Jovial/merry
B. Sad
C. Angry
Question Number 9
He was tall,handsome and......
A. Jovial/merry
B. Sad
C. Angry
Question Number 10
Henry vIII loved?
A. Music,partying and company
B. Music,dancing and company
C. Music,art and dancing
Question Number 11
Henry was
A. Spoilt and very proud
B. Happy and sad
C. Playful and happy
Question Number 12
Could Henry read and write in more than one language?
A. Yes
B. No
Question Number 13
Who made the decisions and laws in the Tudor times
A. Hunters
B. Kings
C. Monarch
Question Number 14
Everyone was scared of who
A. Henry vII
B. Henry Tudor
C. Old king Henry
Question Number 15
Four reason Henry got married so many times
A. Love
B. Lonely
C. Love,lonely,stay friends with other countries,have a son
Question Number 16
Who was Catherine
A. Princess
B. Queen
C. Spanish princess
Question Number 17
Did Anne Boleyn have a baby girl ?
A. Yes
B. No
Question Number 18
What was her name and how old was she when her mom got executed
A. Margaret 3yrs old
B. Jane 5yrs old
C. Elizabeth 2yrs old
Question Number 19
Which wife died after having a son
A. Catherine
B. Anne
C. Jane
Question Number 20
How many days after Anne was executed did Henry marry Jane Seymour
A. 20 days
B. 11 days
C. 13 days
Question Number 21
Finally Henry had a son his name was
A. Edwin
B. Edward
C. Arthur
Question Number 22
Did Jane die soon after having her son
A. Yes
B. No
Question Number 23
Which wife was from germany
A. Anne Boleyn
B. Catherine Howard
C. Anne of Cleve's
Question Number 24
Did Henry agree to marry Anne of Cleve's without meeting her
A. Yes
B. No
Question Number 25
Catherine Howard was
A. Killed
B. Beheaded
C. Executed
Question Number 26
How old was Henry when he married Catherine Howard
A. 40
B. 60
C. 50
Question Number 27
Who was with Henry until he died
A. Catherine Howard
B. Catherine parr
C. Catherine of Aragon
Question Number 28
The very rich people were
A. Craftsmen
B. Merchants
C. The nobles,bishops,lords,ladies
Question Number 29
Merchants,yeoman and craftsmen were
A. Poor
B. Quiet rich
C. Very rich
Question Number 30
They enjoyed
A. Soccer
B. Tennis and golf
C. Archery,golf and watching plays
Question Number 31
Who were homeless
A. Servants
B. Labourer
C. Beggars and vagabonds
Question Number 32
Lots of children died before the age of
A. 10
B. 5
C. 1
Question Number 33
Medicine was made from
A. Seeds
B. Flowers
C. Herbs and plants
Question Number 34
Was it easy to find jobs in Tudor England
A. No
B. Yes
Question Number 35
Rich people had to pay......to help poor people
A. Coins
B. Vat
C. Tax
Question Number 36
Hammocks weren't used on English ships until
A. 1567
B. 1589
C. 1596
Question Number 37
Henry vIII favorite ship was
A. Sweet rose
B. Happy rosť
C. Mary rose
Question Number 38
In which year it sank
A. 1555
B. 1578
C. 1545
Question Number 39
Scurvy is lack of
A. Vitamin b
B. Vitamin d
C. Vitamin c
Question Number 40
Tudor sailors ate salt- beef or fish and hard biscuit
A. True
B. False