grade-5 FL Quiz
Question Number 1
It happens when organisms produce other organisms that look like themselves?
A. reproduction
B. fertilization
C. circumcision
D. pregnancy
Question Number 2
What do you call the male sex cell?
A. egg
B. sperm
C. testes
D. scrotum
Question Number 3
What is the removal of the foreskin called?
A. circumcision
B. fertilization
C. reproduction
D. pregnancy
Question Number 4
Another name for vagina is?
A. vulva
B. birth canal
C. uterus
D. cervix
Question Number 5
Ovary produce what?
A. sperms
B. vagina
C. eggs
D. penis
Question Number 6
What is the period of rapid development of the body?
A. testosterone
B. menstruation
C. hormone
D. puberty
Question Number 7
What do you call the unpleasant smell in the body?
A. sweat
B. body odor
C. pimples
D. bad smell
Question Number 8
A hormone that is released by the testes?
A. larynx
B. adam's apple
C. testosterone
D. hygiene