Henry the 8th Quiz
Question Number 1
Who was Henrys mother?
A. Anne
B. Elizabeth
C. Mary
D. Catherine
Question Number 2
Who was Henrys brother?
A. Arthur
B. James
C. Henry the 7th
D. Paul
Question Number 3
Who was Catherines only surviving Daughter?
A. Cochleen
B. Mary
C. Jane
D. Holly
Question Number 4
What was the name of the book Henry wrote?
A. Jungle book
B. Defence of Faith
C. Defence of the seven sacraments
D. The bible
Question Number 5
What was one of the Religious reasons why Henry broke from Rome?
A. Because he couldnt read Latin
B. Because he wanted to
C. He was trying to find a reason to divorce Catherine
D. To have the Bible wrote in English
Question Number 6
How many wives did Henry have?
A. 8
B. 1234
C. 6
D. 24
E. 0