Roman Empire Quiz
Question Number 1
Who was the brother of Romulus, the founder of Rome ?
A. Roctulus
B. Romesus
C. Remus
D. Roneros
Question Number 2
What was the name of the war where Romans fought with the Carthaginians?
A. Gallic War
B. Punic War
C. Peloponnesian War
D. Actium War
Question Number 3
Who was the Roman emperor, similar to Alexander The Great in characteristics ?
A. Augustus Caesar
B. Julius Caesar
C. Hadrian
D. Theodosius
Question Number 4
Who was the Roman emperor, when Rome embraced Christianity?
A. Valentinian
B. Vespasian
C. Nerva
D. Constantine
Question Number 5
What was the official animal of the Roman Empire?
A. Eagle
B. Lion
C. Tiger
D. Kingfisher
Question Number 6
Who was the Roman emperor during the period of Pax Romana?
A. Trajan
B. Titus
C. Domitius
D. Augustus Caesar
Question Number 7
Who was the Goddess of Doors according to the Roman belief?
A. Juno
B. Saturn
C. Janus
D. Aprilis
Question Number 8
What was the highest power in Rome, before the Dictatorial System was invented ?
A. Consules
B. Emperors
C. Senators
D. War-lords
Question Number 9
What was the official colour of Roman emperors?
A. Red
B. Green
C. Violet
D. Purple
Question Number 10
Who was the king of the Visigoths that attacked and destroyed Rome at 408?
A. Darius
B. Alaric
C. George
D. Charlesmagne