How well do you know Full HOuse Quiz
Question Number 1
What's Danny's surname?
A. Gladstone
B. Tanner
C. Robinson
D. Rodgers
Question Number 2
Who played Uncle Jesse?
A. Bob Saget
B. Dave Coulier
C. Candace Cameron
D. John Stamos
Question Number 3
What was the name of their second episode in the first season?
A. The First Day of School
B. Our Very First Night
C. The Return Of Grandma
D. Daddy's home
Question Number 4
Where's Stephanie's courage?
A. In the back of her mouth
B. In her stomach
C. In her heart
D. In her toes
Question Number 5
Who steals the part for the cereal commercial away from DJ?
A. Michelle
B. Uncle Jesse
C. Stephanie
D. Kimmy
Question Number 6
What came out on the baggage belt during the episode Our Very First Christmas Show?
A. Luggage
B. A dog
C. Mr.Bear
D. Danny
E. Santa
Question Number 7
Where did Uncle Jesse propose to Becky ?
A. Lake Tahoe
B. San Fransisco
C. Disneyland
D. He never propsed
Question Number 8
What's Michelle's catch phrase
A. Aww nuts!
B. You got it dude
C. How rude
D. Cookie
Question Number 9
Who was Michelle's first crush?
A. Teddy
B. Rusty
C. Steve
D. Howie
Question Number 10
Who said the following quote: "I can't help it I'm only six"
A. MIchelle
B. Stephanie
C. Kimmy
D. No one