tv show bars, towms, and names Quiz
Question Number 1
what show was " the regal beagle" a bar.
A. mamas family
B. threes company
C. lavrne and shirley
D. all in the family
Question Number 2
in what show is "the drunken clam" a bar
A. the simpsons
B. beavis and butthead
C. the family guy
D. futurama
Question Number 3
in what show is "the bigger jigger" a bar
A. mamas family
B. threes company
C. whos the boss
D. everybody loves raymond
Question Number 4
what is the name of the town from "mamas family"
A. mayberry
B. rayberry
C. maytown
D. raytown
Question Number 5
candace cameron from full house has a brother who also starred in a tv show.. what show?
A. family ties
B. the facts of life
C. growing pains
D. roseanne
Question Number 6
ben savage and fred savage are.......
A. father and son
B. cousins
C. brothers
D. no relation at all
Question Number 7
this show is a drama about 4 teenagers making it through problems in everyday life
A. party of five
B. dawsons creek
C. seventh heaven
D. one tree hill
Question Number 8
which of these did chad michael murray never star in?
A. one tree hill
B. dawsons creek
C. freaky friday
D. the oc