Biology Quiz
Question Number 1
Can bacteria be bigger than one cell?
A. Yes! Of course there is!
B. No! That's easy.
C. Cells? what are they?'sdefinitely revision time
D. I'm not sure to be honest
Question Number 2
What are the ribosomes for?
A. Respiration
B. Not sure
C. ribo...who?
D. digestion
E. circulatory system
F. Protein Synthesis
Question Number 3
When would an animal cell have a flagellum?
A. Sperm cell
B. Muscles
C. Tissue
D. Not sure
E. what is a flagellum?
F. Egg cell
Question Number 4
What do enzymes work on?
A. A construction site
B. Not sure
D. An active site
F. Not a clue
Question Number 5
How much of a catalyst is consumed in a reaction?
A. All of it
B. Not sure
C. None of if
D. Half of it
E. three quarters
F. What is a catalyst
Question Number 6
What is the outcome of the cell division, mitosis?
A. 2 identical daughter cells
B. 1 daughter cell
C. 4 identical daughter cells
D. 1 son cell
E. 2 non-identical father cells
F. 4 identical mother cells