Question Number 1
How much do you love Shaira Mae G. Cordero?
A. 99%
B. 100%
C. Infinite times/ Endless
D. For eternity
E. For everytime of your life
Question Number 2
Is Shaira beautiful?
A. Absolutely, the most beautiful girl for me
B. She's pretty
C. She's the most beautiful and kindest person with biggest boobs
D. She's beautiful inside and out
Question Number 3
Do you promise her to never hurt yourself again?
A. Sincerely, YES!
B. No
C. Maybe
D. It depends on her fault
Question Number 4
Do you think Shaira loves you?
B. Yes and it is for eternity
C. No
D. Maybe.
Question Number 5
Do you think you are handsome, Vaughn?
A. Yes.
B. Yes of course and the most handsome man for Shaira <3
C. No, I'm ugly
D. Maybe :/
Question Number 6
What position do you like the most?
A. 69
B. Missionary
C. Face-to-face
D. Vaughn on top
E. Shaira on top
F. Cowboy
Question Number 7
Shaira loves you and she knowsyou love her too.
A. True
B. False
C. Absolutely, true
D. Yes and our love is for eternity
Question Number 8
Vaughn and Shaira will remain together for eternity with God
A. Amen
B. Yes, of course
C. Both A and B