Chapter 28 Quiz
Question Number 1
which is not another name for steroids?
A. arnolds
B. juice
C. stackers
D. lifters
E. weight trainers
F. gym candy
Question Number 2
which of the following do carbs not do for your body?
A. lubricate joints
B. help store vitamins
C. digest fats
D. main source of energy
E. keep skin and nails healthy
F. keep bones healthy
Question Number 3
Which increases alertness?
A. depressent
B. analgesic
C. antibiotic
D. antihistimine
E. sedative
F. stimulant
Question Number 4
Which is composed of amino acids?
A. carbs
B. proteins
C. fats
D. minerals
E. vitamins
F. nutrients
Question Number 5
Which is linked to cancer?
A. fat
B. protein
C. carbs
D. nutrients
E. vitamins
F. minerals
Question Number 6
What language is analgesic derived from and what does it mean?
A. greek "with pain"
B. latin "with pain"
C. greek "without pain
D. latin "without pain"
Question Number 7
Which is not a symptom of steroids?
A. fatigue
B. restlessness
C. mood swings
D. depression
E. nausea
F. insomnia