hsm2 Quiz
Question Number 1
What is gabriella's last name?
A. galaway
B. bolton
C. montez
D. danforth
E. mcessie
F. evans
Question Number 2
what is the country club called?
A. summer side
B. lava side
C. relaxe side
D. lava springs
Question Number 3
what letter was on gabriella's necklace?
A. T for troy
B. G for gabriella
C. W for wildcats
Question Number 4
what song do the wildcats sing in the pool?
A. all for one
B. what time is it
C. you are the music in me
D. you are the music in me (fast)
Question Number 5
what colour is shapray's dad's helicopter?
A. red
B. blue
C. green