The Normans in Ireland Quiz
Question Number 1
Who was High King of Ireland in 1175?
A. Rory MacDunleavy
B. King John
C. King Henry 2nd
D. Gottred
Question Number 2
Why did John de Courcy march to the North?
A. To try out Northern food
B. To gain land
C. To visit some friends
D. To go to a party
Question Number 3
What nationality were the Normans?
A. English
B. Welsh
C. Anglo-French
D. Portugese
Question Number 4
Who did John de Courcy marry?
A. Dervorgilla
B. Affreca
C. Louise
D. Bridget
Question Number 5
What was Richard de Clare's nickname?
A. Strongaxe
B. Strongknife
C. Longbow
D. Strongbow