Winnie-the-Pooh Quiz
Question Number 1
What is Tiggers favorite thing to do?
A. sex
B. play poker
C. get high
D. bounce
E. jump
F. drink tea
Question Number 2
What is the color of Pooh's shirt?
A. purple
B. black
C. blue
D. yellow
E. orange
F. red
Question Number 3
Who is Pooh's best friend
A. Piglet
B. Kanga
C. Roo
D. Tigger
E. Rabbit
F. Owl
Question Number 4
What is the color of Tigger's tail?
A. green/blue
B. orange/blue
C. purple/red
D. orange/black
E. white/black
F. gray/orange
Question Number 5
Where does owl live?
A. house
B. barn
C. tree
D. sea
E. post
F. castle
Question Number 6
What color is the donkeys bow?
A. pink
B. red
C. blue
D. green
E. orange
F. brown