save by the bell Quiz
Question Number 1
who was zack in love with on save by the bell
A. kelly
B. lisa
C. jessie
D. tania
E. tonya
F. rita
Question Number 2
who was dating jessie
A. zack
B. screech
C. slater
D. richard
E. martian
F. wayne
Question Number 3
who caught zack and jessie kissing
A. mr belding
B. lisa
C. kelly and slater
D. donna
E. matt
F. brady
Question Number 4
who was the new one
A. slater
B. matt
C. wayne
D. screech
E. zack
F. bobby
Question Number 5
who did mr belding stay with when his wife kicked him out
A. slater
B. zack
C. kelly
D. matt
E. donna
F. scott