Math Quiz
Question Number 1
If, there are 5 triangles, 3 squares and 7 rectangles. What is the ratio from triangles and squares to the rectangles?
A. 5:3
B. 7:8
C. 8:7
D. 3:7
E. 7:5
F. 8:8
Question Number 2
Simplify this multiplication: 2x2x2x2x2x2.
A. 2 to the power of 6
B. A Math question?
C. 2 times 6
D. 17
E. 2 to the power of 5
F. 13
Question Number 3
If (x) equals to 42 and (y) equals to 53 then what is the answer to; x+y+y-19/8=?
A. 16.1257
B. 548.7
C. 4785
D. 16.125
E. 12.007
F. 0.111
Question Number 4
What is 576+7684=?
A. 8459
B. 7899
C. 8002
D. 4852
E. 8260
F. 8759
Question Number 5
7/10= 70% the what does 7.89/10 equal to ?
A. 32%
B. 79%
C. 78%
D. 75%
E. 70%
F. 80%
Question Number 6
Lisa Lilly was the best runner in the eighth grade. One day she ran 100m in 40 seconds, 200m in 1 minute and 10 seconds, and 200m over low hurdles in one and a half minutes. How many more seconds did it take her to run the 200m over low hurdles then it did to run the 200m dash?
A. 20s longer.
B. 22s longer.
C. 21s longer.
D. 26s longer.
E. 19s longer.
F. 20.2 longer.
Question Number 7
Three students have to write a make up test. Mark scored 24/60 on his first test and 32/40 on his make up test. Jake scored 35/70 on his first test and 54/60 on his makeup test. Marilyn scored 27/90 on her first test and 45/50 on her second test. A) Which student improved the most and by what percentage?
A. Jake
B. Mark
C. Marilyn
D. Gina
E. Douglas
F. Zerka