hilary duff quiz Quiz
Question Number 1
what is her sister name?
A. jennifer
B. jessica
C. liily
D. haylie
E. simone
F. belle
Question Number 2
where is she from?
A. cancune
B. florida
C. texas
D. no where
E. italy
F. paris
Question Number 3
who is going out with Hilary Duff?
A. Benji madden
B. joel madden
C. paul thomas
D. chris wilson
E. billy marton
F. david bechame
Question Number 4
what does she have written on her toe-nails?
A. j-o-e-l
B. d-a-v-i-d
C. b-e-n-j-i
D. p-a-t
E. p-e-t-e-r
F. c-a-s-h
Question Number 5
where does she spend most of her time?
A. park
B. sofa
C. toilet
D. bed room
E. kitchen
F. heaven