Dukes of Hazzard Quiz
Question Number 1
What is the name of Roscoe's Dog?
A. Daisy
B. Biscuit
C. Flash
D. Elmo
E. Cedar
F. Teddy
Question Number 2
What is Bo Duke's Real Name?
A. John Beckett
B. John Corbam
C. Tom Wopat
D. Denver Pyle
E. John Schneider
F. Sonny Shroyer
Question Number 3
Besides the Dukes of Hazzard, What other show did Lulu play on?
A. Fresh Prince
B. Waltons
C. Lonesome Dove
D. knotts landing
E. dallas
F. dr quinn
Question Number 4
What was the name on Daisy's Jeep?
A. Trixie
B. Pixie
C. Dixie
D. Suzzy
E. Fred
F. Ginger
Question Number 5
What was Jess Dukes cb handle?
A. Uncle Sterling
B. Uncle Rabbit
C. Uncle Bumblebee
D. Uncle Sheep
E. Uncle Boregard
F. Uncle Sheppard