The Outsiders Quiz
Question Number 1
What is the exposition of the novel The Outsiders?
A. Windrixville, OK, autumn, 1965, greasers vs. Socs
B. Tulsa, OK, summer, 1968, greasers vs. Socs
C. Oklahoma City, OK, winter, 1960, greasers vs. Socs
D. Tulsa, OK, 1967, autumn, greasers vs. Socs
Question Number 2
Which character acted nonchalantly when told that Johnny had killed a Soc?
A. Ponyboy
B. Darry
C. Dallas
D. Cherry
Question Number 3
Which of these things was Dallas reluctant to do?
A. send the boys to a hideout in Windrixville
B. tell the fuzz that the boys had run to Texas
C. accept Cherry Valance as a spy for the greasers
D. Tell Darry where his youngest brother had run
Question Number 4
What is the author's real name (of The Outsiders)?
A. Suzanne Ellen
B. Sheila Erin
C. Susan Eloise
D. Sue Ella
Question Number 5
Which of these were flashbacks?
A. When Pony fell asleep in the vacant lot
B. When Pony awoke in the empty church
C. When Pony told Darry that Johnny had died
D. When Pony told Cherry how Johnny was jumped
Question Number 6
Johnny worshipped Dallas because he reminded him of . . .
A. Ponyboy's oldest brother, Darry
B. the Southern gentlemen from Gone with the Wind
C. his older brother
D. his best friend, Ponyboy
Question Number 7
Which two vocabulary terms are synonyms?
A. aghast & nonchalant
B. inferior and elite
C. shocked and aghast
D. wistful and reluctant
Question Number 8
Who owned a blue Mustang?
A. Randy Adderson
B. Two-Bit Mathews
C. Cherry Valance
D. Bob Sheldon
Question Number 9
Which two vocabulary terms are antonyms?
A. dumbfounded and wistful
B. simile and metaphor
C. incredulous and nonchalant
D. asset and blade
Question Number 10
At what location in the novel did Ponyboy and Johnny recite the poem?
A. the vacant lot
B. the Dairy Queen
C. the abandoned church
D. the park