Animals Quiz
Question Number 1
What is the fastest land animal?
A. lion
B. tiger
C. jaguar
D. cheetah
E. leopard
F. domestic dog
Question Number 2
What mammal is the most dangerous of all?
A. lioness
B. human
C. jaguar
D. leopard
E. wild horses
F. horse
Question Number 3
What monkey knows to use tools to get their food?
A. tamarin
B. sloth
C. gorilla
D. mandrill
E. chimpanzee
F. prezewalski
Question Number 4
What is the colorful monkey in the world?
A. mandrill
B. sloth
C. apes
D. gorilla
E. tamarin
F. orangutan
Question Number 5
What dinosaur has the longest name?
A. megalosaurus
B. spinosaurus
C. sauropods
D. micropachycephalosaurus