Are you smart enough? Quiz
Question Number 1
This book_____mine.
A. isn't
B. wasn't
C. shan't be
D. aren't
E. hasn't been
F. doesn't belong to
Question Number 2
Who are ____ ?
A. Jane
B. Janice
C. me
D. them
E. you all
F. they
Question Number 3
Where were you last week, Peter? I was in L_____ to see B__ B__.
A. London, big bun
B. Lucknow, big ben
C. London, big ben
D. Los Angelus, big bun
E. Louisiana, big ben
F. London Museum, big ben
Question Number 4
We have not reached the destination, _____?
A. now
B. today
C. yesterday
D. tomorrow
E. yet
F. here