simple but tricky Quiz
Question Number 1
equation for work
A. power/time
B. force/distance
C. distance x time
D. power x time
E. force x distance
Question Number 2
which is the force that differs in earth and moon
A. mass
B. air resistance
C. weight
D. friction
Question Number 3
organ of the body that secretes bile
A. stomach
B. small intestine
C. pancreas
D. liver
E. large intestine
F. mouth
Question Number 4
specialised cell in plants that is responsible for the transport of water
A. roots
B. leaves
C. stomata
D. root hair cells
E. red blood cells
F. xylem vessels
Question Number 5
group of the periodic table with elements that are completely unreactive
A. the halogens
B. the alkali metals
C. alkaline earth metals
D. the noble gases
Question Number 6
chamber of the heart that pumps the blood into the aorta
A. right atrium
B. left atrium
C. right ventricle
D. left ventricle
Question Number 7
name th system that is responsible for getting rid of waste
A. digestive system
B. nervous system
C. circulatory system
D. excretory system
E. respiratory system
Question Number 8
a snail belongs to which phylum??
A. nematodes
B. annelids
C. molluscs
D. arthropods
Question Number 9
part in the lungs that is responsible for gas exchange
A. bronchi
B. bronchus
C. ribs
D. alveoli
Question Number 10
the founder of cladistics
A. carlos sim
B. mark lamping
C. john stanley
D. tim stewart
E. albert einstien
F. carolus linaes