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  KBM93 Quiz
Question Number 1
The volume of the largest sphere that can be cut out from a cube is 36π cubic centimetres. What is the length of edge of the cube?
A. 6 cm
B. 8 cm
C. 18 cm
D. 24 cm
Question Number 2
A solid lead cylinder of height 36 cm and radius 4 cm is melted to form pellets of diameter 6 cm. How many such spherical pellets can be formed?
A. 4
B. 8
C. 16
D. 32
Question Number 3
A cube of edge 24 cm is cut into eight small identical cubes. What is the surface area of each of the small cube?
A. 144 cm²
B. 288 cm²
C. 432 cm²
D. 864 cm²
Question Number 4
If the radius of a hemisphere is tripled, then what is the percentage increase in the volume of the hemisphere?
A. 26%
B. 27%
C. 2600%
D. 2700%
Question Number 5
The curved surface area of a hemisphere is 693 cm2. What is the volume of the hemisphere?
A. 231 cm³
B. 346 cm³
C. 2425.5cm³
D. 3638.25 cm³
Question Number 6
The ratio between the volumes of a cylinder and that of a cone is 4: 3. If the height of the cylinder and that of cone is same, then what is the ratio of the radius of the cylinder to that of the cone?
A. 4: 3
B. 4: 9
C. 2: 9
D. 2: 3
Question Number 7
The external dimensions of a rectangular closed metal box are 50 cm, 35 cm, and 20 cm. The thickness of the box is 2 cm. What is the volume of the metal used in the box?
A. 12184 cm³
B. 14180 cm³
C. 22816 cm³
D. 26412 cm³
Question Number 8
If the radius of a sphere is increased by 10%, then what is the percentage increase in its volume?
A. 0.033%
B. 0.33%
C. 3.31%
D. 33.1%
Question Number 9
The volume of the largest cone that can be inscribed in a cube is cm3. What is the length of the edge of the cube?
A. 41 cm
B. 31 cm
C. 21 cm
D. 11 cm
Question Number 10
The edge of a cube is increased by 20%. What is the percentage increase in its surface area?
A. 24%
B. 44%
C. 66%
D. 74%

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