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  PHYSICS --> Gr.9 Quiz
Question Number 1
What is electricity?
A. attracting small objects
B. tiny, litttle charged particles
C. energy
D. the flow of electrons
E. form of charge
F. a battery
Question Number 2
What is static electricity?
A. imbalance of electric charge on the surface of an object
B. form of charge; either positive or negative
C. the rapid transfer of electrric charge
D. a balloon rubbed on hair
E. an electric cell or battery
F. the energy provided by the flow of electrons in a circuit
Question Number 3
A device that measures electric current is...
A. a switch
B. ampheres
C. voltage
D. a voltmeter
E. secondary cell
F. an ammeter
Question Number 4
Which particles are difficult to add or remove from an atom?
A. proton
B. neutron
C. electron
D. nucleus
E. All of the above
F. (A) and (B)
Question Number 5
Which of the following statements are true?
A. If a neutral object is placed beside a negatively charged object, the objects would repel one another.
B. A small building would use more energy than a smaller building.
C. You cannot ground electrons.
D. If a positively charged object is placed beside a negatively charged object, the objects would attract one another.
E. You can ground protons and neutrons.
F. An insulator allows electrons to flow through easily.
Question Number 6
What does Q stand for?
A. power, in watts
B. charge, in coulombs
C. energy, in joules
D. current, in ampheres
E. None of the above
Question Number 7
Touching a neutral object with a negatively charged object...
A. will change the charged object neutral.
B. produces a temporary charge.
C. will have no effect.
D. will change the charged object positive.
E. produces a permanent charge.
F. None of the above
Question Number 8
Which method(s) of energy production uses heat to spin turbines?
A. Coal
B. Tidal
C. Wind
D. Geothermal
E. All of energy production methods use heat.
F. (A) and (D)
Question Number 9
About how much power does your brain use?
A. as much as a 10 watt bulb
B. it uses no power
C. as much as a 6 cell battery
D. as much as a 12 watt bulb
E. as much as a bolt of lightning
F. as much as a toaster
Question Number 10
What 2 ways do electrons get pushed?
A. energy producing turbines and solar energy
B. There are 10 ways, not 2.
C. chemical reactions and generators
D. through conductors and grounding
E. batteries and cells
F. only generators.
Question Number 11
What is the power rating of hair dryer that uses 9.5 A and 110 V?
A. 836 W
B. 276 W
C. 1045 W
D. 2839 W
Question Number 12
What is the % of effiency of a stereo that uses 460 J but only uses 276 J of it for sound energy?
A. 60%
B. 36.7%
C. 78.2%
D. 51.7%
E. 48%
F. 20%

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