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  Ed, Edd, n' Eddy Quiz
Question Number 1
In "One Size Fits Ed", what does Jimmy wish to be?
A. A chef.
B. A school janitor.
C. A star.
D. A weatherman.
E. An artist.
F. A singer.
Question Number 2
In "Oath to and Ed", why does Eddy want to join the Urban Rangers?
A. Because of their cool uniforms.
B. Because they get paid.
C. Because they go on camping trips.
D. Because he wants to be famous.
E. Because he wants to learn new skills.
F. So he can find out their inner-most secrets.
Question Number 3
In "Ed or Tails" what is the name of the brand of Ed's Jawbreakers?
A. Jawlings
B. Ripcore
C. Slovak
D. Yokvar
E. Flavora
F. Morkal
Question Number 4
In "Rent-An-Ed", what scam does Eddy come up with?
A. An acting school.
B. A repair service.
C. A lost and found.
D. A lending library.
E. A doctor's office.
F. A bakery.
Question Number 5
In "Urban Ed", what does Kevin get Tatooed on his back?
A. A tomato.
B. A heart titled "mom".
C. A guitar.
D. A star.
E. An ear of corn.
F. A jawbreaker.
Question Number 6
What happens to the Eds at the end of "Stop, Look, Ed"?
A. The others lock them up in a cage.
B. The others throw fruit at them and mock them.
C. The others fling them into a jungle.
D. The others tie them to a train track.
E. The others put lard on a sidewalk and make them walk down it.
F. They permanentley draw mustaches on their faces.
Question Number 7
In "Jingle, Jingle, Jangle" what happens at the begining?
A. The Eds go caroling (for a modest fee of course).
B. Edd investigates the existance of santa.
C. The Eds open up a hot chocolate stand.
D. Eddy takes a peek at his presents.
E. Sara and Jimmy bake cookies.
F. The Eds open a gift shop.
Question Number 8
In "Hand Me Down Ed", what changes the personalities of the members of the cul-de-sac?
A. A mystical apple.
B. A twig.
C. A rouge balloon.
D. A magic wand.
E. An embroidered cloth.
F. A supernatural boomerang.
Question Number 9
In "Jingle, Jingle, Jangle", what does Ed put out for Santa?
A. Pop rocks and cola.
B. Buttered toast.
C. Cookies.
D. Gravy cakes and milk.
E. A roast turkey.
F. A comic book.
Question Number 10
In "Robbin' Ed", what is the name of Eddy (the villian)?
A. Professor Scam.
B. Doctor Moolah.
C. Mr. Penny.
D. Mr. Dark.
E. Evil Tim.
F. Doctor Currency.

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