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  general biology Quiz
Question Number 1
1. Bio means _______; and _________ means study of.
A. living; things
B. life; logy
C. cells; organs
D. virus; school
Question Number 2
2. When someone studies cells, bacteria and viruses, he is specializing in which branch of Biology?
A. Cytology
B. Ecology
C. Microbiology
D. Embryology
Question Number 3
3. Suppose you performed an experiment at home, and you found out that your conclusions were different from your classmates, which of the following is the best thing for you to do?
A. repeat your experiment to verify conclusions
B. submit your results to your teacher anyway
C. compare which answers is most common among your classmates and copy
D. ask your teacher of the most correct answer
Question Number 4
4. An unidentified object was discovered from a newly explored underwater cave, which characteristics should it possess to be classified as an organism?
A. cells and its ability to reproduce
B. color and its ability to move
C. hairs and its ability to make food
D. skin and its ability to grow
Question Number 5
5. When a cell undergoes meiosis, it is probably a ____.
A. virus
B. neuron
C. sperm
D. bacteria
Question Number 6
6. How does a plant cell differ from an animal cell?
A. a plant cell has cell wall, while an animal cell has none
B. a plant cell has chloroplasts, while an animal cell has none
C. both plant and animal cells have vacuoles
D. both statements in A and B are correct
Question Number 7
7. Which of the following is the longest bone in the human body?
A. veretebrae
B. humerus
C. femur
D. rib
Question Number 8
8. Why do we urinate more often in cold weather?
A. because when our body is cold, everything goes tight, so the bladdert can't expand as much as it can when warm, therefore being able to contain less urine, so we pee more frequently
B. people urinate due to cold diuresis; vasoconstriction (the narrowing of blood vessels) creates greater volume pressure in the blood stream; the kidneys pull off excess fluid to reduce the pressure; full bladder is a place for additional heat loss so urinating will help conserve heat
C. in warmer weather we loose more moisture through our skin; in colder weather, we don't sweat so we loose moisture by urinating
D. in cole weatehr we tend to drink more hot coco and coffee, so we pee more
E. A and D are correct
F. B and C are correct
Question Number 9
9. Which is the complimentary mRNA pair of CCA - TAC - GGT?
Question Number 10
Why does colorblindness affect more males than females?
A. because males have risky jobs than females
B. because colorblindness is an X linked trait
C. because colorblindness is found in Y chromosome only
D. because colorblindness is a dominant trait
Question Number 11
11. During which part of meiotic cell division does "chiasma" occur?
A. prophase I
B. prophase II
C. metaphase I
D. metaphase II
Question Number 12
12. How much chromosomes would a daughter cell contain if a somatic cell of 46 chromosomes undergoes cell division?
A. 92
B. 46
C. 23
D. unknown
Question Number 13
13. Synapse flow through?
A. axon to axon
B. neuron to neuron
C. axon to neuron
D. neuron to axon
Question Number 14
14. Which animals are most related?
A. bat and bird
B. whale and shark
C. worm and snake
D. dog and donkey
Question Number 15
15. Suppose a plant with golden pollen grains was discovered and given the scientific name Mica aurumis, which would be the scientific name for its relative plant with silver pollen grains?
A. Mica mica
B. Argentumis argentumis
C. Argentumis mica
D. Mica Argentumis

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