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  science rules quiz Quiz
Question Number 1
What galaxy is earth in?
A. Dairy Way
B. Cheesy Way
C. Milky Way
D. Chocolate Way
E. Meaty Way
F. Milkuu Way
Question Number 2
What is the name of the robotic rover still exploring Mars besides Opportunity?
A. Curiosity
B. Pathway
C. Discoverey
D. Interesty
E. Challenge
F. Mystery
Question Number 3
What chemical element has the atomic number 1?
A. Helium
B. Oxygen
C. Carbon
D. Nitrogen
E. Gas
F. Hydrogen
Question Number 4
What are diamonds solely made of?
A. Neon
B. Carbon
C. Oxygen
D. Shiny things
E. Sparkles
F. Nitrogen
Question Number 5
What is the scientific name of the mole?
A. Moloch
B. Angioma
C. Vitiligo
D. Nevus
E. Psoralen
F. Moley
Question Number 6
What is the chemical symbol of gold?
A. Go
B. Gd
C. Gr
D. Ol
E. Au
F. Ld
Question Number 7
What is biology the study of?
A. Life
B. Animals
C. Insects
D. Plants
E. Nature
Question Number 8
Pure water has a pH level of around what number?
A. 1
B. 7
C. 10
D. 5
E. 2
F. 6
Question Number 9
What is the only planet in the solar system that rotates clockwise?
A. Mars
B. Earth
C. Venus
D. Jupiter
E. Saturn
F. None
Question Number 10
How often is Halley's comet visible from earth?
A. Every 50 years
B. Every 35 to 36 years
C. Every 63 years
D. Every 75 to 76 years
E. Every 8 years
Question Number 11
Which planet is the largest?
A. Mars
B. Mercury
C. Jupiter
D. Venus
E. Gas
F. Earth
Question Number 12
Which planest is the smallest?
A. Mercury
B. Jupiter
C. Mars
D. Earth
E. Neptune
F. Uranus
Question Number 13
Who was the first woman in space? Hint:B is the correct answer.
A. Valentina Ponomary
B. Valentina Tereshkova
C. Grindly Spencer
D. None
E. Shelly Strinden
Question Number 14
Which colour can't you see in a rainbow?
A. Blue
B. Indigo
C. Violet
D. Yellow
E. Orange
F. Purple

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