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  china and india quiz Quiz
Question Number 1
who is the most famous ancient chinesee philosopher?
A. you
B. your best friend
C. lebron james
D. confusicous
E. carmelo anthony
F. silk road
Question Number 2
which on of these are not one pf the invetions made by chinese?
A. pasta
B. knife
C. yoyo
D. acupuncture
E. wheelbarrow
F. money
Question Number 3
was the silk road dangerous
A. yes
B. no
Question Number 4
what did the romans give to the chinese on the silk road
A. gold plates
B. roman glass
C. forks
D. horses
Question Number 5
How did people cross the silk road.
A. they went in a line
B. they went in snaks hills
C. they went in camel caravans
D. they went in clicks
Question Number 6
confusious belevied that.....
A. education
B. loaltiy
C. serive
D. all of the above
Question Number 7
the other philosopher named Lao zio started what belief?
A. tao/daoism
B. egypitian
C. isreali
D. fun world
E. cupcake day
F. christian
Question Number 8
which Mauryan empior spread buddhism throught southeast asia
A. lol
B. confessis
C. hamarabi
D. lilo
E. stich
F. asoka
Question Number 9
what is the aspected of life
A. all of the below
B. realtionship
C. sociaty
D. nature
E. afterlife
Question Number 10
what is the order of the chinese dynasty
A. new dynasty- chaos - loss of the mandate of heaven
B. new dynasty-loss of moh-chaos
C. new dynasty-aging dynasty-loss of moh-chaos
Question Number 11
which on of these are not the three main pits of chi haungdis tomb
A. command controll
B. command center
C. speacil forcecs
D. milatry format
Question Number 12
what did shi haungdi do
A. kill step brothers and sent away mother
B. said hi to other territories
C. made baskets of chocolate
D. kill mom sent away brothers
Question Number 13
what age did qin shi huangdi become empiere
A. 2 1/2
B. 12 1/2
C. 11
D. 13
E. 70
F. 25
Question Number 14
who designed the the levee for water control
A. chinese
B. euopians
C. li bing
D. romans
Question Number 15
where did the great wll start and end
A. yellow sea to gobi desert
B. yanstze to chang river
C. usa to china
Question Number 16
why did they make the great wall
A. to block of the mongoles
B. to kill people
C. to make a good impression
D. to make some one fall in love
Question Number 17
what were 2 popular crops in china
A. rice and noodles
B. rice and corn
C. whaet and peas
D. lettuce and beans
E. rice and millet

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