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  Enviro1 Quiz
Question Number 1
The following are herbivores ,except one.
A. rat
B. cow
C. goat
D. water buffalo
Question Number 2
The following are biogeochemical cycles,except one.
A. water cycle
B. carbon cycle
C. sulfur cycle
D. frog cycle
Question Number 3
The lowest layer of the atmosphere where we live is
A. stratosphere
B. exosphere
C. ionosphere
D. troposphere
Question Number 4
It state that energy is never created nor destroyed but is transformed from one form to another.
A. Law of Inertia
B. Law of Dynamics
C. First Law of Thermodynamics
D. Second Law of Thermodynamics
Question Number 5
Food making process among green plants is called
A. protein synthesis
B. photosynthesis
C. fractional distillation
D. transpiration
Question Number 6
The following are layers of the lithosphere, except one.
A. crust
B. abyssal
C. mantle
D. core
Question Number 7
It is the main source of energy.
A. sun
B. moon
C. earth
D. satellite
Question Number 8
The following are carnivorous plants,except one.
A. sundew
B. bladderworth
C. pitcher plant
D. cactus
Question Number 9
The following are examples of heterotrophs,except one.
A. cow or baka
B. pig or baboy
C. goat or kanding
D. makahiya ( Memusa pudica)
Question Number 10
Organisms that feed on flesh are called
A. omnivores
B. ovivores
C. herbivores
D. carnivores
Question Number 11
The sequence of eating and being eaten refers to
A. food web
B. food pyramid
C. food chain
D. food court
Question Number 12
What is the role of the grass in the food chain? Grass==> cow==>man
A. producer
B. primary consumer
C. secondary consumer
D. decomposer
Question Number 13
Which enzyme helps the digestion of proteins among sundew, pitcher plant and venus fly trap?
A. papase
B. proteolytic
C. saliva
D. pancreatic
Question Number 14
Tertiary consumers or third -order consumers are mostly
A. omnivores
B. herbivores
C. carnivores
D. frugivores
Question Number 15
The following are examples of detritivores,except one.
A. amumuong
B. anay
C. buk -an
D. langaw
Question Number 16
The thickest layer of the lithosphere is
A. mantle
B. crust
C. inner core
D. outer core
Question Number 17
These aid in decomposing/decaying dead organisms.
A. bacteria
B. fungi
C. a only
D. both a and b
Question Number 18
Cats,dogs,and human beings are
A. herbivores
B. carnivores
C. omnivores
D. decomposers
Question Number 19
Substances that organisms need to survive are called
A. nutrients
B. energy
C. light
D. sex
Question Number 20
The green pigment present in the leaves of green plants are called
B. chlorophyll
C. carbon
D. oxygen

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