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  Magnetism Quiz
Question Number 1
This is the force where objects are attracted or repelled to one another.
A. light
B. sound
C. magnetism
D. wave
Question Number 2
Magnets have a north and a south seeking pole.This statement is
A. true
B. false
C. either a or b
D. neither a nor b
Question Number 3
Two of the same kinds of poles repel each other. This statement is
A. true
B. false
C. either a or b
D. neither a nor b
Question Number 4
Two opposite poles attract each other . This statement is
A. true
B. false
C. either a or b
D. neither a nor b
Question Number 5
The area around a magnet that behaves like a magnet is a magnetic
A. color
B. field
C. sound
D. light
Question Number 6
The further apart two magnets are from one another, the stronger the forces that attract or repel the magnets. This statement is
A. true
B. false
C. either a or b
D. neither a nor b
Question Number 7
When two magnets are broken into small bits ,the bits themselves can become small magnets. This statement is
A. true
B. false
C. either a or b
D. neither a nor b
Question Number 8
Naturally occuring magnets in nature are called
A. plastics
B. glasses
C. stones
D. lodestones
Question Number 9
Which of these is not used to create a simple electromagnet--a solenoid?
A. battery
B. bulb
C. copper wire
D. iron core
Question Number 10
Any magnet has two ends , each one called a
A. magnetic field
B. magnetic pole
C. magnetized material
D. none of these
Question Number 11
If two magnets were in this order: NS SN ,they would
A. repel
B. attract
C. do nothing
D. none of these
Question Number 12
What was the first naturally occuring magnetic rock?
A. magnesian
B. lodestone
C. magetisian
D. magnesiantite
Question Number 13
What is the definition of a magnetic pole?
A. one of the two points , such as the ends of a magnet, that have opposing magnetic qualities
B. a pole that is magnetic
C. one of the three points , in which each side of a magnet has magnetism
D. none of these
Question Number 14
A bar magnet has two poles-- a north and a south pole. If the bar was cut in half
A. each half would have its own north pole and south pole
B. the magnet will no longer be magnetized
C. each half would either be north or south
D. none of these
Question Number 15
The strength of an electromagnet depends on
A. size of the current
B. number of turns the coil has
C. what the core is made of
D. all of these
Question Number 16
Which of the following are magnetic?
A. Nickel
B. Steel
C. Iron
D. all of these
Question Number 17
The terms "magnet" and "magnetism" are derived from ____________, the ancient Greek city where lodestones were mined.
A. Athens
B. Sparta
C. Magnesia
D. Mesopotamia
Question Number 18
Magnets are found in numerous devices, such as
A. loudspeakers
B. generators
C. cabinet latches
D. all of these
Question Number 19
ATM means
A. Automated telling machinery
B. Automobile teller machine
C. Automated teller machine
D. Automatic teller machine
Question Number 20
Planet Earth is a giant magnet itself. This statement is
A. true
B. false
C. either true or false
D. neither true nor false
Question Number 21
It is a vector quantity represented by B , the region around a magnet or a moving charged particle where the magnetic forces act.
A. magnetic flux
B. magnetic strength
C. magnetic field
D. poles
Question Number 22
The number of magnetic field lines in any given region is called the
A. magnetic field
B. magnetic flux
C. magnetic strength
D. magnetic poles
Question Number 23
The branch of Physics concerned with the interaction of electric and magnetic fields.
A. Magnetism
B. Thermodynamics
C. Electronics
D. Electromagnetism
Question Number 24
His discovery of the electromagnetic induction paved the way for the invention of the electric generator and later led to the development of Maxwell's equations.
A. Hans Cristian Oersted
B. Rene Descartes
C. Michael Faraday
D. Isaac Newton
Question Number 25
A transformer has 40 turns on the primary and 800 turns on the secondary. If the input voltage is 1,000 V, find the output voltage.
A. 2,000 V
B. 20,000 V
C. 22,000 V
D. 800,000 V
Question Number 26
Which is not true about generator?
A. uses principle of electromagnetic induction
B. transforms electrical energy to mechanical energy
C. transforms mechanical energy to electrical energy
D. similar to an electric motor working in reverse
Question Number 27
Which part of a bar magnet can we find the weakest magnetic force?
A. north pole
B. south pole
C. midway
D. both poles
Question Number 28
A transformer with a secondary voltage higher than the primary is
A. step-down transformer
B. a simple transformer
C. step-up transformer
D. either a or c
Question Number 29
It is a force caused by moving charges.
A. magnetic field
B. magnetism
C. magnet
D. magnetic induction
Question Number 30
Which type of field is present near a moving elecric charge?
A. both an electrric field and a magnetic field
B. neither an electric field nor a magnetic field
C. an electric field only
D. a magnetic field only
Question Number 31
Magnets are polarized. This means
A. Every magnet has a souh pole and a north pole.
B. north pole only
C. south pole only
D. It can attract maggnetic materials.
Question Number 32
The diagram represents a 0.5 -kg bar magnet and a 0.7-kg bar magnet with a distance of 0.2 meter between their centers. S 0.5-kg N N 0.7-kg S Which statement best describes the forces between the bar magnets?
A. Gravitational force and magnetic force are both repulsive.
B. Gravitational force is repulsive and magnetic force is attractive.
C. Gravitational force is attractive and magnetic force is repulsive.
D. Gravitational force and magnetic force are both attractive.
Question Number 33
What is tthe unit of a magnetic field?
A. Coulumb
B. Newton
C. Tesla
D. Ampere
Question Number 34
1 Tesla is equal to
A. 1 N.s/C.m
B. 1 N/A.m
C. either a or b
D. none of these
Question Number 35
A wire carrying current in a magnetic field experiences a force called
A. Magnetic force
B. Lorentz force
C. Contact force
D. Gravitational force
Question Number 36
For magnets , like poles repel each other and unlike poles
A. also repel each other
B. attract each other
C. can disappear into nothingness
D. can carry a lot of energy
Question Number 37
The magnetic domains in a magnet produce a weaker magnet when the
A. magnet is heated
B. magnet is brought in contact with steel
C. magnet is brought in contact with another strong magnet
D. magnetic domains are all in alignment
Question Number 38
The magnetic lines about a current-carrying wire form
A. circle
B. radial lines
C. eddy currents
D. spirals
Question Number 39
A magnetic force acts most strongly on a current carrying wire when it is
A. parallel to the magnetic field
B. perpendicular to the magnetic field
C. at an angle o the magnetic field that is less than 90 degrees
D. at an angle to the magnetic field that is more than 90 degrees
Question Number 40
A magnetic force cannot act on an elecron when it moves
A. perpendicular to the magnetic field lines
B. at an angle between 90 degrees and 180 degrees to the magnetic lines
C. at an angle between 4 degrees and 90 degrees to the magnetic field lines
D. parallel to the magnetic field lines

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