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  2nd Periodic Exam Gr. 8 Quiz
Question Number 1
It is a telecommunication technology used to transfer documents over the telephone.
A. Memo
B. Fax
C. Mail Merge
D. Report
Question Number 2
It is a document or communication that is used in businesses.
A. Report
B. Mail merge
C. Memo
D. Fax
Question Number 3
It is a leaflet or pamphlet that advertises products or service that is usually printed with eye catching designs.
A. Fax
B. Memo
C. Mail Merge
D. Brochure
Question Number 4
It is the document which presents a specific content submitted to an individual or in public.
A. Report
B. Fax
C. Memo
D. Mail Merge
Question Number 5
It is a software function where you can produce documents for mailing from a data source.
A. Mail Merge
B. Fax
C. Memo
D. Report
Question Number 6
It is an important means of communication to customers and clients.
A. Collection letter
B. Credit letter
C. Follow-up letter
D. Business Letter
Question Number 7
It allows a prospective customer to see what costs would be involved for the work they would like to have done or to the product they would like to buy.
A. Letter
B. Sales Quatation
C. Claims and Adjustments
D. Turning inquiries to sale
Question Number 8
It is a type of sales letter which purpose is to sell good reputation and friendliness of a company.
A. Credit letter
B. Collection Letter
C. Goodwill Letter
D. Routine Business letter
Question Number 9
This letter should be written firmly but politely with assumption that the error will be cheerfully and immediately corrected.
A. Adjustment letter
B. Claim letter
C. Collection letter
D. Follow-up letter
Question Number 10
The main objective of this letter is to collect money without losing the customer.
A. Follow-up letter
B. Collection letter
C. Adjustment letter
D. Claim letter
Question Number 11
It contains the name, position, company and address of the person to whom the letter is written.
A. Signature
B. Date
C. Semi block form
D. Inside address
Question Number 12
It is the part of the letter that contains the company name, address and telephone numbers.
A. Letter head
B. Block form
C. Date
D. Signature
Question Number 13
It is the part of a letter that contains the complimentary ending.
A. Signature
B. Closing
C. Body of the letter
D. Indented form
Question Number 14
It is a form of business letter that all paragraphs and lines are set on the left margin.
A. Date
B. Inside address
C. Salutation
D. Block form
Question Number 15
The part of a letter that contains actual subject matter.
A. Body of the letter
B. Letter head
C. Indented form
D. None of the Above
Question Number 16
It contains the date the letter is written.
A. Semi block form
B. Closing
C. Date
D. None of the Above
Question Number 17
It contains the greetings such as Dear Sir, Dear Madam, etc.
A. Letter head
B. Block form
C. Semi block form
D. Salutation
Question Number 18
It contains the handwritten signature and printed name of the letter writer.
A. Block form
B. Signature
C. Semi block form
D. Indented form
Question Number 19
The address line and paragraph beginnings are indented.
A. Indented form
B. Letter head
C. Block form
D. None of the Above
Question Number 20
The paragraph beginnings are indented and all the rest of the parts of the letter are set on the left margin.
A. Letter head
B. Block form
C. Semi block form
D. Salutation

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